General Terms of Use


Here in Terms of Use; cover the provisions and conditions regarding the use of Internet site (“Site”) being operated from address by INTEC Energy Solutions GmbH and its affiliated companies (“INTEC”).


Site: The website is operated by INTEC.

User: Any individual or entity accessing or using the Site.

INTEC: INTEC Energy Solutions GmbH and its affiliated companies, including but not limited to INTEC ÇÖZÜMLERİ İNŞAAT TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ.

Any kind of uses of the Site are subjected to herein Terms of Use and the Terms of Use will be assumed as binding along with the use of Site. The user refusing the Terms of Use shouldn’t use the Site.

INTEC reserves the right to make amendments in herein Terms of Use from time to time.

Principles Regarding the Use of Site

The scope and content of the Site is exclusively determined by INTEC. INTEC reserves the right to change services and contents offered on the Site and within the Site’s scope from time to time without any notification liability. Within this scope, INTEC may suspend the Site or terminate the use of the Site without making any prior notification.
Contents and services contained on the Site shall not be used in a manner against laws and/or public policy. In any kind of use of the Site, the effective legislation, herein Terms of Use and other rules that may be published within the Site and if any, other agreements that you will sign with INTEC regarding the use of Site shall be complied.
Actions that will hinder the process of Site or do harm to INTEC, its affiliated companies, subcontractors, users, and other persons related to the Site are prohibited and users undertake to avoid such actions.
Details regarding the information that you share with INTEC over the Site and transactions that you carry out over the Site are regulated within the scope of Confidentiality Policy being the annex of herein Terms of Use. INTEC shall not use the said information out of the scope determined in Confidentiality Policy unless there are other agreements, terms of use and other documents containing contra/additional regulation between the related user.

Intellectual Property Rights

Any kind of rights, ownerships and interests on the Site, notably the intellectual and industrial property rights belong to INTEC. None of the provisions contained in the Terms of Use shall be interpreted as these rights, ownerships and interests are wholly or partially transferred to the users. Herein Terms of Use only gives a free, personal, nonassignable and exclusive right to use to the users which is limited to utilize the Site in the direction of INTEC’s presenting the Site and which can be used throughout the world.
The users shall not copy, change, duplicate the Site (including the related contents) and the software on which the Site runs, subject to reverse engineering, attempt to access source code of the software on the Site by recompiling and create derivative works from the Site. Changing any of the browsers and contents of the Site in any way is prohibited, giving links to or from the Site without the explicit permission of INTEC is strictly forbidden.
None of the regulations contained in herein Terms of Use do no give the users the right to use the trade title, brand, service mark, logo, domain name, etc. of INTEC or its affiliated companies.
Limitation of Liability
The Site and the contents on the site are presented “as is” and do not give any explicit or implied guarantee regarding INTEC, Site and related content including but not limited to implied warranty, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
Access to the services offered over the Site and the quality of these services are mainly based on the quality of the service provided from related Internet service provider.
Access to the sites, platforms or contents which are not managed by INTEC is possible over the Site however INTEC has no liability or undertaking regarding the said sites, platforms or contents.

Settlement of Disputes

Laws of Germany shall be implemented in all disputes that may occur regarding the Terms of Use. German Courts and Execution Offices shall be authorized in settlement of disputes arising from implementation of the Terms of Use.