INTEC’s Sustainability Priorities

In our sustainability management strategy, focusing on priority areas is our basic component. Thanks to the systematic process carried out, our sustainability priorities and strategies were determined, and studies were carried out to increase performance on these issues.

The primary responsibility of company management is to maintain the INTEC’s existence by creating permanent and continuous value for its stakeholders. For this reason, it is our first priority and basic working model to manage our social, economic and environmental impacts with a model that ensures stakeholder participation and to spread our corporate sustainability understanding to all our areas of activity.

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It is unthinkable that we manage our activities within the scope of corporate sustainability separately from our main business strategies. It is important that our understanding of corporate sustainability be adopted at all levels, starting from the highest management levels, and that this understanding be incorporated into the working style and practices of each of our business units. By signing the United Nations Global Compact on 15 January, 2024, we have accepted and committed that we will never compromise on our goal of becoming an exemplary and leading company in the energy sector with our human rights, human resources, environmental and anti-corruption work. The United Nations Global Compact is the most comprehensive of the initiatives we are involved in.

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We have created a management approach shaped by strategies and policies to ensure central decision-making, coordination and control of all work. This is how our INTEC Sustainability Standards were formed. We reshaped our strategic and organizational structure.

For INTEC, all change management activities within the scope of reflecting the corporate sustainability approach to all activities and leading these activities are the basic business principles. We are aware that we are one and whole with our stakeholders and all our environmental responsibilities with our corporate values of “customer orientation”, “innovation”, “adaptability”, “integrity”, “sustainability”, “reliability”. Therefore improving our business processes and practices is a never-ending process for us.

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INTEC acts with the awareness that sustainability, which the company sees as a part of good governance, is an important element that strengthens stakeholders’ faith and trust in the company. Fulfilling its responsibilities to its stakeholders and increasing accountability with an increased focus on overall environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance are among the company’s key objectives. The basic principles of the sustainability studies carried out by INTEC are business ethics, corporate governance and corporate responsibility culture.

Activities and sustainability studies will be carried out within the scope of the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact have created an understanding in which environmental, social, economic and ethical issues are prioritized throughout our sphere of influence, the perception of risk management is strengthened and the world of the future can be grasped. As our corporate competencies and performance improved in these areas, the need for a model that would further our horizons arose and INTEC ESG Performance Standards were created, as well as Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy and Business Ethics Manual, Crisis Manual documents were created. It is important to clearly determine what needs to be done to continue the existence and development of INTEC in the new socio-economic environment expected to occur in the coming periods. In this context, it is important to improve performance through effective management and identify managerial development areas.

In the sustainability management strategy we adopt, focusing on priority areas is our basic component. Thanks to the systematic process carried out, our sustainability priorities were determined and strategies were carried out to increase performance on these issues.