Optimal PV Mounting System Selection for Ground Mounted Type

During the last decades solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have been implemented in various types and scales in many locations, thanks to being a renewable, clean and sustainable source of energy.

In our sustainability management strategy, focusing on priority areas is our basic component. Thanks to the systematic process carried out, our sustainability priorities and strategies were determined, and studies were carried out to increase performance on these issues. In the prioritization study, the prioritization principle specified in the GRI G4 Standard and the process for this principle were adopted. The issues discussed were prioritized by taking into consideration the entire value chain, using a risk- and opportunity-oriented approach, and considering the impact potential on our business success. First of all, it was submitted for approval by senior management.

Our priorities consist of 4 main courses of action:

Strengthening Merit: INTEC sees human resources as its most valuable capital and talents that will shape the future, make meritorious choices, reward merit, and provide opportunities for development. By providing a safe work environment where development is supported and equality, fairness, and human dignity are prioritized, it produces projects that make its talented and experienced employees feel valued and display an attitude that supports the appreciation of merit.

Being One: All our stakeholders are valuable within the scope of social management. INTEC equates its development with the development of the society living in the geography where it operates. For this reason, it carries out activities aimed at strengthening the economy and its environmental, social, cultural, and economic development and acts together with non-governmental organizations.

Supporting Environmental Awareness: As a prerequisite for success, it develops business processes with efficient and environmentally friendly technologies, prioritizes the environment in these investments on the basis of international standards and manages environmental impacts on this basis, prioritizes environmental training, environmentally friendly and value-added renewable energy projects that meet the expectations of future generations.

Health and Safety Priority: INTEC ‘s human resources can be strengthened by spreading occupational health and safety awareness and adopting it correctly. With the awareness that health and safety come first, it produces innovative projects that spread OHS awareness in order to strengthen the adoption of this awareness by internal and external stakeholders. It periodically publishes OHS Brochures.

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Within the scope of our sustainability management approach, basic policies, strategies, and targets regarding sustainability issues have been revealed. Our responsibility regarding sustainability issues has been determined in line with the approval of senior managers, and target achievements and motivational systems are regularly communicated. The scope of voluntary participation of our employees in sustainability projects is aimed to be included in the remuneration system throughout performance management systems.

Our main performance indicators for priority issues have been determined. Work continues to improve the targeting scope in the future. It is the responsibility of the Corporate ESG Management Department to monitor the results for the determined performance indicators, and it aims to create a sustainability performance evaluation and reporting system through software in order to achieve this systematically. With this system, which will include performance indicators included in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Standard as well as indicators specifically determined by INTEC, the needs identified every year and the feedback received will be able to be improved. It is aimed to provide training to all our employees, prepare handbooks and provide consultancy services to our employees for the effective use of the system. Sustainability indicators will be integrated with function-based performance evaluation tools with the framework of the goal of integrating our sustainability management approach, determined in line with the Sustainable Development Goals with INTEC’s main business processes. In this context, it is important to integrate performance indicators with the human resources performance evaluation system during the reporting period.

In line with the sustainability management approach, the main role of the Executive Board is to direct INTEC in line with strategic trends and to monitor and control performance results. The Executive Board will evaluate the foresight demands and expectations obtained through Sustainability Reports, information obtained through all channels, and various stakeholder communication tools, determine the strategic orientations for future periods, ensure their implementation, and monitor them.